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About us

Legae Peresec is a financial services firm that collaborates with its clients and provides a comprehensive range of trading, custodial and prime broking services. The business is a market leader in South Africa.

Legae Peresec Holdings is a financial services company that is 51% black-owned with over 30% black female participation. The company’s black ownership is registered, and approved, with the B-BBEE Commission in terms of the Amended Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act’s. The company is the result of a major transaction between Legae Securities (Pty) Ltd and Peregrine Securities (Pty) Ltd, and the merged entity will be trading its first year under an exemption permitted in the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, thus enabling it to trade as a Level-2 contributor with 125% in procurement recognition.

As a responsible member of Corporate South Africa, Legae Peresec Holdings is committed to enhance economic transformation levels in terms of the Financial Sector Charter. The company will promote transformation compliance levels through ongoing strategy development of policies and procedures.

Its values include client centricity, care, integrity, proficiency and a desire to promote sustainable transformation and development in South African financial markets.

Legae Peresec seeks knowledge, improvement and innovation – together with risk management and robust processes. Its biggest assets are its people, its platforms and its ability to use technology and data to serve clients.

South African Factor Data Library

Risk factors and the strategies based thereon are fast becoming an integral part of the global asset management landscape. This open-source library provides investors with a database of South African equity risk factors constructed as per international asset pricing literature. In particular, we construct seven Fama-French style factors including Size, Value, Momentum, Profitability, Investment, Low Volatility and Low Beta.

Please see our 2016 research report Factor Investing in South Africa for a complete outline of the factor construction methodology. Otherwise, all datasets include a brief description of the factors and the factor model.

Please contact the Research Team for any requests on custom factor data or factor-based projects.

Latest file update: 30 June 2020

Our services

  • Multi-channel trading of Equities, Derivatives, ETFs and Currencies
  • Liquid Fixed Income and Commodities trading
  • Clearing and Custodial Solutions
  • Prime Broking Services
  • Equities Finance and Securities Lending
  • Financial Structured Products Advice
  • Corporate Share Schemes
  • Quantitative and Derivative Research
  • Risk Management Services
  • Fund Management Support Services
  • Market Data Analytics

Legae Peresec’s clients include Institutional and Private Client Asset Managers, Insurance and Savings Funds, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Corporates, Broker Dealers, Liquidity Providers and a select group of High Net Worth clients.

Services are delivered with strong client partnerships, with alignment of interests, home-grown expertise and world-class efficiency.

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